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Re: question about names?

: 2) Now, if by translate you mean to translate - i.e. to render the name's
: underlying meaning(s) into Klingon--don't do it! As an example, consider how
: you would translate my own name: Steven Boozer.  Steven is derived from the
: Greek word *stephanos* "crown" and Boozer means, well, boozer.  Translating
: these into Klingon gives you {mIq'a' chechwI'} or "crown [literally, "big /
: great helmet" (cf. KGT p.58)] drunkard".  

va!  vIghItlhHa'!  

That should be {mIv'a' chechwI'}, from {mIv} "helmet".  Well, I didn't want it
as my name anyway.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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