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A -moH suggestion

I'd like to suggest that /-moH/ shouldn't cause your brain to do backflips
when trying to understand it.  These two sentences should "feel" the same
when you read them:

Qong yaS
QoymoH yaS

/Qong/ is a thing to do.  /QoymoH/ is also a thing to do.  /QoymoH/ doesn't
have to be thought of as a thing that someone causes someone else to do.
When you read /QoymoH yaS/, don't insert an imaginary /ghaH/ in there and
mentally jump around the verb to understand it.  Just look at /QoymoH/ as
another verb with a slightly different meaning than /Qoy/.  The difference
in meaning is that they take different subjects and objects.  Don't think
about one in terms of the other.

This isn't to say that these ARE distinct verbs (Okrand has indicated that
they're not), but to think in Klingon you should try seeing something like
/QoymoH yaS/ as being just as simple as /Qong yaS/.


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