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tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhtaHvIS, chay' "DVD" vIjatlh?
<<De' jengva'>>?

"DVD" laDwI'wIj vIlo'taHvIS, "Hov leng wej: "Spock" SammeH Qu', boSwI' 
chovnatlh" jIbejta'. De' jengva' cha'DIchDaq, "Speaking Klingon" yIwIv.
qontaHvIS, Marc Okrand yu'lu'ta'. Daj. "Hov leng wej" qontaHvIS, rut 
tlhIngan Hol pab mojta' Qaghmey! Dajqu'! tavam bejta''a' vay'?


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