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Re: pronouncing

I don't know if this is the BG's job, but I know the answer, and if I step 
on your toes, Quvar, I apologize.

>What do voiced and unvoiced mean?

"Voiced" and "unvoiced" are terms linguists use to describe vocal sounds. If 
a sound is "voiced", your vocal chords are vibrating when you make the 
sound. For example, put the tips of your fingers against your throat, at the 
point that would be your Adam's apple if you were male. Now make an /f/ 
sound. Keeping your fingers in the same place, make a /v/ sound. Feel the 
difference? The vibration you feel is called voicing. /v/ is voiced, /f/ is 
unvoiced. The same difference is felt when you compare /k/ and /g/,/p/ and 
/b/, etc.


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