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> >How does one say "How does one say 'x' in Klingon" ?
> I don't know.
> I usually rephrase that into like "How is this translated?", or
> "which word do klingons use for..."

Both of those would work.  We could also use, "while using/speaking klingon, 
how does one say ..."

> >Finally, I would like to ask a possibly embarrassing question involving the 
> >verb {nga'chuq} (tastefully phrased, of course), but I do not wish to
> >violate any content rules. It involves whether or not one could attach
> >another Type 1 verb suffix to the root, and would it mean what I think
> >it would mean? 
> You ask for *nga'chuq'egh*? This seems to violate the rules. 
> We don't know for sure what the word *nga'* could mean, but maybe'
> *nga''egh* could mean what you think it 
> would mean? (someone has talked about this lately on the list, but I
> don't remember the topic)

You could work with the full root verb ngagh - mate with.
We have canon from PK:
 Go mate with your targ!  -  targhlIj yIngagh yIruch


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