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I hope I got that subject line right this time.

OK, more questions:

   {'oy' Qay'wI'wIj}
    "My pinkie hurts" ?
    This sounds like an idiom. "I am insulted" ? Perhaps, "My feelings are 
hurt" ? (The latter strikes me as unlikely, given that Klingons are NOT the 
"touchy-feely" type.) The former fits the context of where I saw it (QQ 
02/02), but I would like a confirmation, and location in canon, if possible 
(I cannot find it in KGT).

Back to the {tlhob}/{ghel} thing. While listed as verbs, can either of these 
be used as a noun? Or can {yu'} be used as a noun? Or would I have to use 

And while we're at it, can {-ghach} be used to nominalize ANY verb? Or just 
ones that have suffices and no noun counterpart?

How does one say "How does one say 'x' in Klingon" ?
In German, for instance, it's "Wie sagt mann 'x' auf Deutsch?"
Is there an equivalent phrase in tlhIngan Hol?

Finally, I would like to ask a possibly embarrassing question involving the 
verb {nga'chuq} (tastefully phrased, of course), but I do not wish to 
violate any content rules. It involves whether or not one could attach 
another Type 1 verb suffix to the root, and would it mean what I think it 
would mean? If I offend, my deepest apologies, but I don't know of anywhere 
else to ask.

I think that's it for now. Sorry for the long post


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