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Re: As usual...

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002 wrote:
> > betleH DIlo'taHvIS maHay'nISbe'.
> > We don't need to duel with bat'leths.
> > We don't need to duel while using bat'leths.
> >
> > Keep in mind that the English is equally vague as to whether this means you
> > are going to duel with something else, or if you don't need to duel at all.
> maHay'meH betleH DIlo'nISbe'

"We don't need to use bat'leths to duel."  Different connotation than what
I would want, where the crux of the statement is that we don't need to
duel in the first place...  This comes off to me like, "We're gonna fight,
and a lack of bat'leths isn't going to stop it."  :)


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