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Re: Christmas...

Am 09.12.2002 09:26:30, schrieb Nathan Grange <>:

>Has anyone thought of/asked for/had any ideas of how to say something like
>'Merry Christmas'
That might be impossible, since klingons just don't know about christmas.

>It would also be good to be able to say stuff like 'What do you want for
>Christmas?' Etc
I've heard things like "enjoy the human cold-period-celebration"
   {Human poH bIr lop yItIv}

But this could be many things; and besides, it's not cold everywhere.

The question "What do you want for Christmas?" will certainly become a command "identify the gift you want": 
   {nob DaneHbogh yIngu'}
But "for christmas" cannot be translated like that, because the gift is not *for* christmas, it is *for* you!

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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