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Language questions

Hello fellow Klingonists,

I am new to the list. I have been studying Klingon off and on for the
last few years. It is a linguistic curiosity for me.

There are a few lexical gaps I have been trying to fill. I hope it is
not offensive if I ask my language questions in this list.

To be more specific, I am looking for the Klingon words (or expressions)
to translate the following ideas:

1. momentarity, briefly, for a second, for a moment
2. gender
3. homosexual, gay (maybe gay Klingons don't exist? I was trying to
construct an expression like "attracted to same gender" or "likes to
have sex with same gender")
4. to spend (time) (e.g. they spent the day doing this)

The Klingon Dictionary lists "juS" as "pass". In what meaning? pass as
in "I passed by a tree" or "I passed my exams" or other meaning of pass?



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