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Re: qepHom cha'DIch (KLBC probably needed)

'oH vItIvqu' je. tlhIngan Hol lujatlhlaHbejbogh ghotpu' vIghom, Hamlet 
paghmo' tIn mIS mu'ghom chu' je vIje', may' bommey bombogh SuvwI'pu' vIQoy, 
*tlhInSa'* vIQuj... Dun! DuHchugh latlh qepHom vIjeS!

I really enjoyed it too. I met people who can actually speak Klingon, 
bought Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing and a new dictionary, heard warriors 
sing battle songs, played Klin Zha... it was great! If it's possible I will 
definitely attend another qepHom!

DOOM_er / Dum'er

At 15:48 3-12-02 +0100, you wrote:
>Dunqu'bej qepHom. SaHtaHvIS tlhIngan HolvaD Sovmeyqu' vISoqpu'bej. tugh
>qepHom lughajqa' 'e' vItul.
>The qepHom was definitely great. While I was there, I learned a lot about
>the Klingon language. I hope we will have a qepHom again, soon.
>Please correct me if there are any mistakes.
>Greetz, QantoH
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Quvar valer" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 9:22 AM
>Subject: qepHom cha'DIch
> > DaH rIn qepHommaj.
> > Now our qepHom is over.
> >
> > qaStaHvIS wej jaj tlhIngan Hol wIqeqchu', 'ej maQapchu'qu'!
> > During three days we practice Klingon perfectly, and we really succeeded!
> >
> > qaStaHvIS wej jaj jIQongmeH jav rep vIlo'mo' jIDoy'qu', 'ach Qapchu'mo'
>qepHom jIQuch.
> > Because I only slept for six hours during three days, I'm very tired, but
>because the qepHom was a success I'm happy.
> >
> > jaj wa' pawDI' jeSwI'pu', tlhIngan Hol lujatlhlaHbe'chu' 'op.
> > When the participants arrived the first day, most could not speak klingon
>at all.
> >
> > pagh mu' Sov 'op, 'ej pablaHbe' chaH.
> > They knew no words, and no grammar.
> >
> > rInDI' qepHom, paQDI'norghmo' mu'tlhegh ngeD chenmoHlaH Hoch 'ej mu'tlhegh
>Qatlh chenmoHlaH HochHom.
> > After the qepHom, almost everyone was at least able to make easy
>sentences, and most people even managed to create difficult sentences!
> >
> >      There were twenty-one (!!) people attending (coming from four
>different countries), and we definitely had a lot of fun! While the
>beginners (60%) were following
> > the lessons all the way thru TKD, the advanced (30%) were silently playing
>*tlhInSa'* and passively listening to the class, and the experts (10%) have
>been translating
> > things on their computer.
> >    We had classes about everything you need to know: first pronunciation
>of course, then verbs including their affixes, followed by syntax. I
>suggested to do some
> > games, but they wanted more, so we carried on with numbers, the problem of
>"past tense", some conjunctions, the use of adverbials, to-be-constructions,
> > words, and much more!
> >    On the last evening, they wanted to practice, so I took easy and
>difficult sentences, and I cut them, so they had to put them together again.
>e.g. -jaj / taH / wo' ==>
> > taHjaj wo' (there is only one way to put them together). Note this: people
>who arrived the first day, without knowing what a prefix is, managed to put
>together ten-
> > word-long-sentences on the lst day! Qapla'na'!
> >    And, of course, we did not only have grammar. In between there was a
>lot of singing and playing, like DIjchu', hang-man, and pegh mu'.
> > If there is a line between qepHom and qep'a', we certainly touched it! :-)
> >
> > Soon there will be more information and pictures on the website.
> >
> > Qapla'!!
> >
> > Quvar
> > Beginners' Grammarian
> >   ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH
> >
> >

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