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Re: KLBC: Poem Words

Am 29.11.2002 21:50:26, schrieb Tadhg Christopher Bird <>:

>WERE allowed, which one would mean "Story-Song" and which one would mean
>"Song-Story"? (My guess, {bomlut} == "song-story").  
It's the last word which is the most important, as in
   {lolSeHcha} "attitude-control thrusters"
   {jolpa'} "transporter room"
   {yInSIp} "oxygen" (lit. "life-gas")

>Could this be a case
>for the Noun-Noun construction? {bom lut} =  "The song of the story
>(i.e. poem)"
Not really, I think.
First of all, "The song of the story" is {lut bom}.
TKD 3.4:
"The translation of two nouns combined in this way, say  N1-N2 (that is, noun #1 followed by noun #2), would be "N2 
of the N1."

   Okay, now what is "the song of the story", or "the story's song"? I don't know. Maybe there is a song inside the story?!
   The other way around, it could be {bom lut}. But the "story of the song" sounds like the background of a song, maybe 
how you found the words for the song, or how it developped or so.

How about {bom mu'} "lyrics"?
Well, it still implies that it's a song though...

>Could I use a conjunction to join the words bom and lut to mean poem?
No, it would be "the song and the story", two different things.

>a poem to me is something inbetween story and song, but a bit of
>both. {lut bom je} "It is a story and a song (i.e. poem)".
Not every poem can be sung, and not every poem has to contain a story.
To me a poem is not some inbetween story and song. :-(

>Who do I have to sleep with to get a canonical word for poem, anyway?
That would be either Marc Okrand or one of the friends of Maltz.
Good luck with that! ;-)
But don't expect too much, our wish list is very long!

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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