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Re: KLBC - muD DaHjaj

Quvar wrote:

>If the subject line means "today's weather" or "weather of today", then it's
>{DaHjaj muD}
>TKD section 3.4 on noun-noun-constructions:
>The translation of two nouns combined in this way, say  N1-N2 (that is, 
>noun #1 followed by noun #2), would be "N2 of the N1." For example, {nuH} 
>"weapon" and {pegh} "secret" combine to form {nuH pegh} "secret of the 
>weapon." An alternate translation would be "Nl's N2," in this case, "the 
>weapon's secret."
> >>>>>

We have a canonical example of {DaHjaj} used this way in a noun-noun 

   {DaHjaj} also behaves as a noun (as opposed to an adverbial element)
   in such noun-noun constructions as {DaHjaj gheD} "today prey" or
   "today's prey", a term often heard in Klingon restaurants with a meaning
   comparable to "catch of the day". (,
   29 June 1997)

   In some restaurants, the menu (HIDjolev) is posted (seldom are individual
   copies available), but in most, the patrons know the regular fare and ask
   about specials, including the {DaHjaj gheD} (literally, "today's prey"),
   a dish whose components depend on what animals the restaurant's hunters
   were able to bring in. (KGT 100ff.)

Voragh                            "All the meaning is in the context."
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons           (Ilya Kabakov, Russian artist)

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