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Re: ::KLBG::Translation Question

It's KLBC, the abbreviation of "Klingon Language Beginners' Conversation". wrote:
> I am interested in how you would denote 
> a salute  to a Commodore who is also
> a close family member, like a sister.
If your brother is in the army, and he is commanding a unit you belong to, you would salute him like any other one would 
do. And when he gets home from his work, you treat him as your brother

> van - salute
Yes, both verb and noun.
But it means more like a "military salute", not just saying "hello" to someone.

> batlh- honor
can also be used as an adverb meaning "with honor, honored"

> 'oy- is probably too familiar
This suffix is spelled {-oy}, and yes, it's only used to say things like "daddy" {vavoy}.
You would not use on a word like "commodore", I think it sounds like you'd say "my commodory".

TKDadd 3.3.1: 
"The suffix usually follows a noun referring to a relative ("mother, father," etc.), but it could also follow a noun for an 
animal, especially a pet, and means that the speaker is particularly fond of whatever the noun refers to."

This seems to me like it is only used with *words* describing family members.
Just think about this: imagine your brother is a policeman. Would you go and say "Hello, coppy!"?

> Also is there a word for Commodore? 
Yes, it is {totlh}.

> Thanks,
No problem! ;-)

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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