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Re: grammer question

From: "Steven Boozer" <>
> DOOM_er asks:
> >Can I say /lIvan tugh Heghbogh loDpu'/ or is that grammatically
> Since you asked the entire list, I'll comment before the BG as I recognize
> the quotation:
>    Morituri te salutari.
>    "Those who are about to die salute you."
> >In other words, can the /tugh/ be there?
> Unfortunately, no.  Klingon syntax is fairly rigid.  Adverbials go before
> the entire OVS string, even if it contains a relative clause.

Err . . . he did put /tugh/ before the entire OVS string -- the OVS of
/Heghbogh loDpu'/.

His noun phrase is /tugh Heghbogh loDpu'/: "men who will soon die."  His
whole sentence is

lIvan [tugh Heghbogh loDpu'].
[Men who will soon die] salute you.

I see no problem with this.  We have seen plenty of evidence that Klingon
treats verbs and sentences as basically the same thing.

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