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New Project Klingon Poe information page

In case anyone who has signed up for Project Klingon Poe didn't receive 
this message, or if some of you have decided to translate for PKP, I'm 
sending this to the list. Heck, maybe you don't want to translate for 
Project Klingon Poe, and just want to read the stories when they're 
finished - you might still have some helpful suggestions for translators or 
for me.

I've created a few new webpages with information regarding Project Klingon 
Poe. They have some guidelines for things such as footnotes for your 
translation, and a list of stories/translators/status of translation progress.

The webpage addresses are:

If you're a PKP translator, I would encourage you to take a look at the 
howto and status pages. Please make sure that the information there makes 
sense to you, and that it is accurate. If you have any corrections or 
questions for the info on these pages, tell me so that I can add or change it.

Send your questions and comments to this address or

batlh SumughchoHbejjaj!

- Tad Stauffer
Project Klingon Poe

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