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Re: Can anyone answer my question?

>  >>Side note:
>>>What Kruge says right before that point is one of the great
>>>retcons of Klingon.  The Klingon is "qama'pu' jonta' neH!"; the
>>>original script had the English as "I told you: engine only!"
>One similar story is the following:
>From ST5: The klingons are speaking about what is gonna happen, 
>after they captured kirk.
>{vaj toDDujDaj ngeHbej DIvI'} "So the federation will certainly send 
>their rescueship."
>Unfortunately, the movie-makers (how should I call it??) made a 
>mistake, and used that phrase twice. Now
>Okrand had to re-phrase it, and it became {vaj toDuj Daj ngeHbej DI 
>vI'} "Shooting space garbage is no
>test of a warrior's mettle." Now I know why there is two words 
>for..., em, no, ... vaj is not the same as
>SuvwI' :-)

oh my god!!! :)

qama'pu' (prisoners) - qaja'pu' (i told you)
jonta' (to succeed to capture) - jonta' (engine)
neH (want) - neH (only)

vaj (so) - vaj (warrior)
toDDujDaj (rescue ship) - toDuj Daj (tests without result courage)
ngeHbej (certainly sends) - negHbej (cosmos)
DIvI' (federation) - DI vI' (shoots garbage)

HarmeH Qatlhqu', 'ach teH. reH mu'meyvetlh vIqawtaH.

'op latlh Dop De' boghaj'a'? Dajqu'qu'.


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