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was Re: {mev}

ja' Se'noj:
>Could anyone out there with their copies of TKD handy please tell me the
>meaning of the verb {mev},...

It means "stop, cease".  The typical example of its use is:

  bIjatlh 'e' yImev
  Shut up!  (Stop speaking! -- literally "you speak; stop that.")

>as it is in the Postal Course, but there is no
>definition for it in the material,...

Hmm.  It looks like Lesson 4 has a typo in the Exercises section.  Sentence
2 should probably be {DangevDI' Huch'e' DaSuq}, not {DamevDI'}.

>and I cannot find a local place to buy acopy of TKD

Any local bookstore can obtain it for you.  Its ISBN is 0-671-74559-X.  If
you have a credit card, you can purchase it online from the KLI
(/stuff/Merchant.html) or from an online bookstore such

-- ghunchu'wI'

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