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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

lab tulwI'

>but: now that _we_ know klingon, too, couldn't we, without violating this 
>scifi context, write another tkd?

Two reasons why not:

1. the logical reason: we don't know anything about Klingon that Marc 
Okrand hasn't already told us.

So all we'd be doing is re-stating what he has said.  Yes there are cases 
where what is in TKD is further clarified in other publications and it 
would be useful to have that material collected.  To a certain extent 
that's what Captain Krankor does in From the Grammarian's Desk, and what I 
do in Beginner's Corner, or whatever my HolQeD column is called. But 
projects like this do not really add anything to our knowledge, just 
rearrange it.  And such projects run up against reason number two.

2. the legal reason: Marc Okrand created and continues to support the 
language.  He deserves the benefit of the ONLY artificial language ever to 
earn money for its creator.  And even if Marc didn't mind, 
Paramount/Viacom's lawyers would.

It would not violate the science fiction context.  In a world where Klingon 
was real and not copyrighted, there would be dozens of Klingon learning 
materials available, but if Marc didn't let anyone else talk to Maltz, and 
no other Klingons co-operated, they'd all run up against reason number 
one.  Actually there are lots of other learning materials, if you count all 
the internet sites in various languages, and HolQeD and this mailing list.

So, go ahead, re-write TKD for your own benefit.  The proof of the pudding 
is in the eating, though.  DIvI' Hol Dalo'taHvIS tlhIngan Hol Dalo'be'taH, 
'ej laHlIj DaDubbe'.

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