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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>lab tulwI'
>>but: now that _we_ know klingon, too, couldn't we, without 
>>violating this scifi context, write another tkd?
>Two reasons why not:
>1. the logical reason: we don't know anything about Klingon that 
>Marc Okrand hasn't already told us.

i don't mean the vocabulary but the rules. we could reformulate them.

>So all we'd be doing is re-stating what he has said.  Yes there are 
>cases where what is in TKD is further clarified in other 
>publications and it would be useful to have that material collected. 
>To a certain extent that's what Captain Krankor does in From the 
>Grammarian's Desk, and what I do in Beginner's Corner, or whatever 
>my HolQeD column is called. But projects like this do not really add 
>anything to our knowledge, just rearrange it.  And such projects run 
>up against reason number two.

rearrangement itself is not a reason.

>2. the legal reason: Marc Okrand created and continues to support 
>the language.  He deserves the benefit of the ONLY artificial 
>language ever to earn money for its creator.  And even if Marc 
>didn't mind, Paramount/Viacom's lawyers would.

well, okay.
i didn't really want to rewrite tkd, of course. just reformulate some 
rules we know. there is nothing in contrary, is there?

>It would not violate the science fiction context.  In a world where 
>Klingon was real and not copyrighted, there would be dozens of 
>Klingon learning materials available, but if Marc didn't let anyone 
>else talk to Maltz, and no other Klingons co-operated, they'd all 
>run up against reason number one.  Actually there are lots of other 
>learning materials, if you count all the internet sites in various 
>languages, and HolQeD and this mailing list.
>So, go ahead, re-write TKD for your own benefit.  The proof of the 
>pudding is in the eating, though.  DIvI' Hol Dalo'taHvIS tlhIngan 
>Hol Dalo'be'taH, 'ej laHlIj DaDubbe'.

i already reformulated a rule. period. Satlho' tuqImmo'. DaH tlhIngan 
maHlaH. :)

SavIt vIneH. DaH pab chutmey'e' Sajatlh vIneHqu'taHbe'. :)



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