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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>jatlh tulwI':
>>  but that is no problem, as long as no one attempts to rewrite tkd
>>  every time that someone has an idea how to change the description of
>>  correctly spoken klingon. i could invent my explanations, you could
>>  invent yours. someone else, who knows already klingon and wants to
>>  explain it to someone else could read the explanations of you and me
>>  and according to the explanation that he likes the best he explains
>>  it to his student.
>>  there is no problem, only progress, imho.
>the slight problem there *is*, is - as Qov explained in another post -
>that in order to check whether what we explain to others is correct,
>we *always* need to go back to what Okrand has said, because in
>our "game", this is the only source we know to bre reliable.

i thought that it could be possible to map this reliable source to 
another reliable source, that, however, wouldn't be the only reliable 
source we would have.

>so, first, one has to understand the Okrandian way of describing the
>language - *then* one can go ahead and try to rephrase things, so
>one can remember them more easily.

it were only the descriptions that i thought to understand that i 
wanted to reformulate. but i don't want to reformulate now.


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