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RE: Aw: Re: adverbials

> >  >that's my point. i want to express my freedom. :)
> >
> >vaj yIjatlh jay'.  qechmeylIj tlhab yImuch.  'ach DamuchmeH tlhIngan
> >Hol'e' Dalo'choHchugh, nom DaghojchoH 'e' Datu'bej.
> <then i will speak intensly. show the liberty of your laws. but when 
> in order to show it you begin to use klingon, you defenitely find 
> that you quickly begin to learn it.> qar'a'?

yI- is "you" not "I".  qech is "idea".  (chut is "law").
Add jay' makes the whole sentence intense.

"So speak, damn it.  Present your free ideas.  But for presenting them, if you 
start using klingon, you will certainly notice that you will start to learn 

> chay' bIjatlh <'ach>?

The first two sentences don't mention using klingon.  In a sense, you have 
already been speaking, and presenting your free ideas.  But you were discussing 
the language.  "BUT" if you start using the language to present your ideas, you 
will quickly learn it.

> maj. vaj tlhIngan Hol wIjatlh neH. :) 'e' QaQ je. nuq'e' wIjatlh?

QaQ is intransitive; it doesn't take an object.  But you have 'e' on QaQ as an 
object; and what is the subject?

qech nuq?  juplI' DaghomDI' ('ej tlhIngan Hol bolo'be'taHvIS) nuq Dajatlh?  
DaqlIjDaq qaS nuq?  nuq Data'?  qen lut QaQ Dabej'a'?

DloraH, BG

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