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RE: Aw: Re: adverbials

ja' tulwI':
>again, i'm not interested in the parts of the language that were set
>generations ago.

Then what *are* you interested in?  In the fiction of Klingon as an evolved
natural language, everything you've been asking about was set generations

meqmey yIbuSHa'.  tlhoy chutmey yIpojQo'.  maQum 'e' luchaw'mo' chutmey,
tIlaj neH.

>that's my point. i want to express my freedom. :)

vaj yIjatlh jay'.  qechmeylIj tlhab yImuch.  'ach DamuchmeH tlhIngan Hol'e'
Dalo'choHchugh, nom DaghojchoH 'e' Datu'bej.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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