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Re: Can anyone answer my question?

> Several years ago I adopted an amazing and wonderful dalmatian dog from
> the sister of a Klingon fan who named him (this is how I spell it)
> Cadebach (sounds like ka-dee-bach).  I was told this is a Klingon name
> and would like to know two to spell it correctly in Klingon
> and what the name means.

It looks like you're trying to say Ha'DIbaH.  It means "animal".  (altho, 
sometimes it does get translated as "dog".)

The H is pronounced kind of like the ending of the german composer Bach.
The I should be like a short i as in "bit", but for some reason a lot of people 
insist on pronouning it like "ee".

You can hear it in the movie StarTrek III, I belive it is.
Kor also says it once (or twice) on DS9.

If someone doesn't already have a sound file on their website, I could create 
one for you.

DloraH, BG

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