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Re: Can anyone answer my question?

"Teri Moulton" <> wrote:

>Several years ago I adopted an amazing and wonderful dalmatian dog from 
>the sister of a Klingon fan who named him (this is how I spell it) 
>Cadebach (sounds like ka-dee-bach). I was told this is a Klingon name and 
>would like to know two to spell it correctly in Klingon and 
>what the name means.
>Cadebach's owner (the Klingon fan) shot himself with Cadebach in the room 
>so I can't ask him.  And of course, anytime I tell anyone what Cadebach's 
>name is, they always say "What???", so then I explain and invariably make 
>something up about the meaning of the name.

This sounds like the Klingon word Ha'DIbaH /kha'-dih-BAKH/ "animal".  It 
also means "meat", but that's probably not what his previous owner had in mind.

N.B. The /H/ is the /ch/ sound in German "Bach" or Scottish "loch" and the 
apostrophe /'/ indicates a glottal stop at the end of the first 
syllable.  (That's the slight catch in the throat English speakers make 
between the two a's in "a apple" or between the two o's in "oh-oh".)  In 
Klingon both sounds are enunciated fairly strongly, but if you can't do it 
don't worry about it.

Steven L. Boozer
Cataloging Department
University of Chicago Library

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