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Re: qul/Hoch

>> in the second case /latlh qabDaq qul/ must be a noun-phrase. it's
>> "the fire on someone else's face". i think the latter interpretation
>> is better.
>> can this be correct?

ja' SuStel:
>No.  You can't have a Type 5 suffix on the first noun of a noun-noun
>construction.  You can't say */qabDaq qul/ "fire on the face."

I don't want to muddy the waters too much here, but there's a wee bit of
wriggle room if you really felt the need to say that.  The noun {Daq} might
be used in such a case, rather than the noun suffix {-Daq}, with the
intended meaning being closer to "fire of the face-location".

There's precedent for this on the Bird of Prey poster, where "Wing Lights"
and {telDaq wovmoHwI'mey} are used to label one of the items.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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