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RE: Maldives

lab DloraH:

>  > >  > hm. how can i read "HolQeD"?
>>  >
>>  >Become a member of the KLI.
>>  >"How do I do that?"  Go to
>>  >Membership includes the quarterly journal HolQeD.
>>  >Back issues are also available at the KLI's merchant page.
>>  'institute' sounds as if i were getting some kind of professor, and
>That would be Lawrence.

who's lawrence? what does he do?

>  > 'membership' sounds as if i were going to pay some money... well,
>Yes.  Printing HolQeD isn't free.

printing? what about publishing on the net? wouldn't that cost a 
little bit less?

>DloraH, BG


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