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RE: adverbials

lab DloraH:

>  > >wejpuH.  tlhIngan Hol jatlhbe'ba' DOW mughwI'.  mu'tay' tetlh Duy'moHbej
>>  >ghaH, 'ej 'op pab mughHa'law' je.
>>  >
>>  >chutmey nap Danejchugh, 'ej English Dayajchugh, TKD nIt yIlaD.
>>  HISlaH. 'ach wej tera' De'wI'ghomDaq TKD ghItlhbogh DIvI' Hol
>  > jatlhwI' vInejbe'.
>I'm lost on this one.
>What is your english to this?

ehm, i wanted to say something like:
yes. but not yet at the computer-group of the earth a tkd that wrote 
a speaker of the language of the federation i found.
-> yes, but i didn't find an english tkd on the internet, yet.



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