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Re: prefix trick (RE: Aw: Re: adverbials)

lab DloraH:

>  > what is the prefix trick?
>We start with something like:
>taj Danob - You gave the knife
>(Da-  you-it)
>ok.  Whom did you give it to?
>Let's say you gave it to me:
>jIHvaD taj Danob - You gave the knife to me.
>/nob/ still gets /Da-/, the "it" still being the knife.
>jIHvaD - I am the beneficiary of the action.
>Prefix trick:
>taj chonob - You give me the knife.
>/taj/ is still the object of /nob/, but now the prefix is /cho-/ [you-me].
>This is used only in first and second person constructions.

thank you. i draw my conclusions (without posting how i would call 
it, as i don't know whether the words for that exist in tkd).


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