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Re: [KLBC] Translation again

> >"birthright" refers to the rights and privileges one is allowed simply
> >because they were born.
> > [...]
> >I'm not completely happy with /'Iw DIb/ as birthright, but right now I'm
> >not coming up with anything better. We can have phrases like /ghojmeH taj/;
> >can we have phrases like /boghmo' DIb/?

>No.  We are explicitly told that /-meH/ verbs can modify nouns; we do not
>have any permission or evidence for doing this with other subordinate verbs.

The only types of {DIb} "privilege, right" I know of is the {bortaS DIb} 
"Right of Vengeance" and something called the *{cho'DIb} "right of 
succession (within a clan)" which may come from one of the novels.  (Does 
anyone recognize it?)

Since we're playing with words here, how about {qoS DIb} "birthday right" - 
i.e. the right(s) acquired on one's day of birth.  {qoS} has never actually 
been used in canon by Okrand, so we're not entirely sure what Klingons mean 
by it or how they use it.  Is {qoS} the one-time day of birth (i.e. your 
birth date), the annual anniversary of that day, or both?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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