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RE: [KLBC] Translation again

> I want to translate the following:
> I come to claim my birth right
> This is what I have come up with:
> 'Iw taywIj jIDoQ. DaH 'e' vIghoSta'.

/tay/ is "ceremony, ritual, rite"
/DIb/ is "privilege, right"

"birthright" refers to the rights and privileges one is allowed simply
because they were born.  Not to a ceremony of some sort.

/'Iw DIbwIj/ is the object of /DoQ/.  The prefix needs to imply an object.
vI-  [I-it]

'Iw DIbwIj vIDoQ.

The object of /ghoS/ is the destination.  /'Iw DIbwIj vIDoQ/ is not a
physical location to which one can ghoS.
The -ta' on ghoS implies completion of the action.  Plus type 7 V suffixes
can't go on the second verb in a sentence-as-object construction (the verb
following 'e').

The "to" in the english isn't making the "claim my birthright" the
destination of "come".  The "to" is giving the purpose for "come".  This is
where we use the suffix -meH.

'Iw DIbwIj vIDoQmeH  jIghoS.
"For the purpose of claiming my birthright, I come"
or, to put it a little smoother in english:
"I come for the purpose of claiming my birthright."

I'm not completely happy with /'Iw DIb/ as birthright, but right now I'm not
coming up with anything better.  We can have phrases like /ghojmeH taj/; can
we have phrases like /boghmo' DIb/?

DloraH, BG

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