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RE: patlh <A> qaDmey: not good enough to even be KLBC

>From: "DloraH" <>
>> bIHvam jIloSmo', jISot 'ej jIjotHa'.
>Prefix.  /bIHvam/ is the object of /loS/.
>bIHvam vIloSmo' ...

I think the English confused me here. Because in English you wait _for_ something (unless you await it),
I think I subconsciously wanted to put bIHvamvaD jIloSmo'. Never mind.

>> 'ej <AEA> qaDvo' <majQa'> vIchav.
>> and I got a distinction in the AEA.
>-vo' refers to physical realm of "from" a place.
>Perhaps -mo' would be better.

I think I meant qaDvaD. I acheived the distinction _for_ the AEA.
-mo' would be alright, I suppose, but it feels inelegant, as if it is because of the exam that I acheived it (it was easy or something).
Anything else would be long-winded.

>> 'ach Do' pa' jIHaD neH.
>> Fortunately, it [Cambridge] wants me to study there anyway.

>The klingon is correct, but when I read it, I read the neH as "only,
>That darn /neH/.

wa' DoS wIqIp. But is the <'ach> suitable for "anyway"? When I read this back, it strikes me as:
"But fortunately, it wants me to study there."

>The subject line says:
>...not good enough to even be KLBC
>It may be because I'm tired right now, but this is all I could find wrong.
>A little more practice and you will be past KLBC.

It said this because I was tired when I wrote it, and the lack of words like 'result', 'physics', and 'maths' were getting to me.
Okrand has got to get the mind-sifter on Maltz.
But, I can feel myself improve. Most of these mistakes were simple carelessness that practice will excise from my writing, instead of gaps in 
understanding. Klingon is nice because, unlike most Earth languages, it is easy to grasp. There are no irregular verbs and it is very rarely 
arbitrary. Now I have more time, reading Qo'noS QonoS is helping me to learn more vocab, and I think I am beginning to think in Klingon from 
time to time.
(You know you are thinking in Klingon when you start writing "fish chips and", and when an adequate translation for <'ach> is <'ach>.)

>DloraH, BG
Zulu One, <B> jIHtaH.
Should I ever have an opinion, it will be mine alone.
Should I ever have an employer, I will not speak for it.
Should I ever have a virus, I'll try not to give it to you.
Should I ever have a sex-change but still fancy my imaginary sister, Trisha won't get to hear of it.
Should I ever attain enlightenment, I'll be sure to tell you.
Should I ever discover a software vulnerability, I'll disclose it responsibly.
Should I ever recomend using MS Windows? Yes, I recommend we deploy it to Iraq.

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