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Re: Early Show

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002 wrote:
> You should all know that I received a phone call from Michael Kaas, the 
> producer of the segment. He's the fellow who has been pushing to come to a 
> qep'a' for two years, and he spent a pretty full day with us.
> Anyway, he phoned yesterday to apologize for the inappropriate behavior of 
> the anchors, regretting that he has no control over what they say and do in 
> the studio. He repeated the apology several times and seemed quite genuinely 
> embarassed by the situation.

I have to say that it's not just the anchors -- remember the comment
that Ebben (was it? my memory is hazy) is going to learn Spanish and
Chinese too, but then the anchor said that Spanish would be better
than Klingon?  Well, who edited the piece?  It was a conscience
decision on their part to remove the part about Spanish & Chinese,
allowing the anchor to comment as such if he hadn't seen the original
footage (if he had, then the anchor's behavior was even worse).

I'd say it is unfortunate that the anchors treated it so flippantly,
but the lack of respect began in the editing suite, not at their
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