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Re: Early Show

You should all know that I received a phone call from Michael Kaas, the 
producer of the segment. He's the fellow who has been pushing to come to a 
qep'a' for two years, and he spent a pretty full day with us.

Anyway, he phoned yesterday to apologize for the inappropriate behavior of 
the anchors, regretting that he has no control over what they say and do in 
the studio. He repeated the apology several times and seemed quite genuinely 
embarassed by the situation.

As for the segment itself, I too was very disappointed that they did not use 
more of the interview with Qov (rendered as "cov" on screen). I can 
understand using just a bit, taking heads (even in Klingon) don't hold 
attention for long. But a bit more extended discourse would have made the 
point more strongly.

I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one who thought Marc Okrand spoke 
incredibly quickly. Neat trick, that. I'll have to ask him how to do it.

I had far too much screen time, I thought, and I really regret that I had a 
microphone clipped to my shirt (left over from when I was teaching the 
beginners' session) during the singing. 

In addition to leaving off any contact information, I was also disappointed 
that they didn't use the footage they had shot of ghIlghameS and paghmo' tIn 
mIS. I can't think of much else that would make a serious statement for the 
work with Klingon than complete books of translated works.

Still in all, the segment itself was better than most have been in the past. 
The studio personnel were rude beyond excusing, but I don't generally hold 
out much hope for intelligent or polite behavior from people whose main job 
in life is to look pretty and read off a teleprompter.


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