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Re: Early Show

ghunchu'wI' wrote:

>I watched a tape of it a couple of hours ago.  I'm *very* disappointed by
>the attitude of the people in the studio; they seem to have gotten stuck on
>the prejudicial idea of "speaking Klingon implies no-life Trekkies".  I'm

Didn't you just love their little schtick at the end, making a L with their 
thumb and forefinger on their foreheads - I wonder if they appreciated the 
irony of making a forehead joke! - and asking how you say "loser" in 
Klingon?  Too bad I couldn't tell them it was {lujwI'}, but that in some 
parts of the Empire it also means "journalist".  <g>

Did you notice they didn't make fun during the three prior "news" stories 
about the female co-star of Vin Diesel's new over-publicized movie, the 
Elvis commemorative Graceland lines of bedroom furniture (the perfect gift 
for his upcoming yahrzeit this Friday!), and all the new "reasonably 
priced" baby shower gifts.  I guess their representatives all buy 
commercial ad time; the KLI can't afford to.

>also a bit saddened by their reducing what I thought was a very nice
>one-on-one interview with Qov to two sentences:  {jImaw'.  jISaHbe'.}

I agree.  I was really looking forward to hearing her speak.

>I know any publicity is "good" publicity, but I don't recall there being
>any contact information given.  What's the use of getting exposure if it
>doesn't include a way for people to reach the KLI?

I noticed that too.  My reception wasn't very good, but I didn't hear any 
mention of the KLI by name or see a URL listed at the bottom of the screen.

>On the positive (?) side, I now get to watch my son deal with people's
>reaction to his speaking Klingon on TV...

Well, at least I finally got to see what some of you look like.  (I've 
never been to a qep'a'.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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