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Re: Early Show

megh vISopmeH juHwIj vIjaHpu'.  pa' <much 'eq> vIqonta'bogh vIbej.


I watched a tape of it a couple of hours ago.  I'm *very* disappointed by
the attitude of the people in the studio; they seem to have gotten stuck on
the prejudicial idea of "speaking Klingon implies no-life Trekkies".  I'm
also a bit saddened by their reducing what I thought was a very nice
one-on-one interview with Qov to two sentences:  {jImaw'.  jISaHbe'.}

And the implied jab at DloraH for not teaching Ebben a "useful" second
language was uncalled for -- and would be so even if it hadn't based on a
false premise.

I know any publicity is "good" publicity, but I don't recall there being
any contact information given.  What's the use of getting exposure if it
doesn't include a way for people to reach the KLI?

On the positive (?) side, I now get to watch my son deal with people's
reaction to his speaking Klingon on TV...

-- ghunchu'wI'

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