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KLBC - multiple noun type 4 suffix & other

hi all,
i've been watching this group for a while (=1 year), and learning some grammar stuff from and vocabulary using kliflash (few months - but not too intensive - now I started over - every day few hours and it makes fruit) and now I'm beginning to understand some of the tlhIngan Hol messages here (tho im still not ready to ghItlh in tlhIngan Hol). And I must say that I havent got yet TKD (but it should be delivered soon to me). But to my questions:

1. Can I use mutliple suffixes of the same type? - ej.: juHvamwIj -this my house? (btw can I use it in english? - eng is not my first language (czech is) and this makes sense to me  - if I have more than just 1 house and speaking about THIS ONE only so I should use 'this my' - is it correct?)

2. whats the difference between 'e' and net - the definition of both in kliflash is "that(previous topic) (pro)". so whats the difference. and :) in which case would you use it (i tried to think of an example using it to ask you if I understand it right but I found nothing)

3. "Hot" - touch,feel (v)  - feel only in meaning 'I feel your hand on my shoulder.' or also in meaning 'I feel we're going to die soon.'

tia, Qapla'!, Himdel

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