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Re: Quote from Khamlet

> >As for Plummer, instead of saying, {taH... pagh taHbe'}, he said, {taH 
> pagh...
> >taHbe'.} He then asked Okrand if his phrasing fit the translation and Okrand
> >indicated that it didn't, and Plummer smiled and said he liked that it 
> didn't,
> >since that would mean it was more alien.

>To me, it comes across as a spaceship captain quoting Shakespeare badly,
>which is RIGHT in character.

This may have been a more "nuanced" performance than it appeared at 
first.  Keep in mind that this was "a spaceship captain quoting Shakespeare 
badly" played by Christopher Plummer, a noted Shakespearean actor in his 
own right.  IIRC, he played the scene with tongue firmly planted in cheek 
as, in fact, he did all the scenes in ST6 where Chang quoted Shakespeare.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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