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qep'a' jeSwI'

Ok, except for a couple newbies, everyone on this list knows about the
qep'a'.  It's only three months away.  It's not as far as you think.  Why
are there only six people signed up? (as of 18 Apr).  I just went to a
convention handing out qep'a' fliers trying to get people to attend.  But
how is it going to look when they go to the website and see that only six
people are signed up?  They're going to think that it must be lame and not
bother.  Other cons are sold out this far in advance.  I realize that there
are some people who have schedules where they are not able to plan this far
out; but I think most of you already know if you're going or not.

pelumQo' jay'!  DaHjaj ghomuv!


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