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Re: file "server"

> how about [ghomHa'moHwI'] ('disperser') for "(file) server"?
> or [vI'Ha'moHwI'] ('dis-accumulator'?)?
> lay'tel SIvten
All these terms function only when you already have a lot of context. You might 
want to be more specific, like {ta polmeH De'wI'} or {jabbI'ID lI'meH De'wI'}.

A {ghomHa'moHwI'} could be a volunteer at a food bank, or could be a security 
officer who enforces curfews when groups of people are banned. A {vI'Ha'moHwI'} 
could be a robber (who causes you to unaccumulate your money) or someone who 
helps rich people decide what charities to give to.

You do cause me to wonder, though. If {vI'} means "accumulate" and {boS} 
means "collect", then are those things that gather into a pile the subjects or 
objects of these verbs? Is it the same for both or different?

Any usage clues from canon, voragh?


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