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Re: file "server"

At 12:05 PM 4/29/02 Monday, you wrote:
> > how about [ghomHa'moHwI'] ('disperser') for "(file) server"?
> > or [vI'Ha'moHwI'] ('dis-accumulator'?)?
> >
> > lay'tel SIvten
>All these terms function only when you already have a lot of context. You 
>want to be more specific, like {ta polmeH De'wI'} or {jabbI'ID lI'meH 

 From KGT pg 101

jabwI' - server

one must remember that most technical terms a really stolen from other 
disciplines.  the computer  takes requests for, and dispenses data, instead 
of food.  But the principle function is the same

Mr. Michael D. Stanley
Fiscal Assistant
IFAS Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

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