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Re: to' nech 111-120

Again, I'll only comment on the ones that need commenting.  The first two
are corrections, the last two are suggestions.

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
> K: wIch teHchoHpu'.
> Gloss: The myth has come true.

teHchoHpu' wIch.

> K: teSlIj tIyoD.
> Gloss: Shield your ears.

teSlIj tIyoD.

> K: nuq DawIvqangbe'?
> Gloss: What are you unwilling to choose?
> Eno/Schmidt: What wouldn't you do?

The original could be translated as /nuq Data'qangbe'/ "What are you
unwilling to accomplish?"

> K: janmey motlh tIwoDrup.
> Gloss: Be prepared to leave behind the usual devices.
> Eno/Schmidt: Abandon normal instruments

Instead of /woD/, you could use /lon/.  To more correctly translate the
original, use /jan motlh tIlan/, without the /-rup/.

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