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apposition with pronouns

There was recently a thread titled "majaH torgh" which got me thinking.  How 
would we do apposition with pronouns?

vIjaH jIH Sangqar
I, Sangqar, go.

Or would it be permissible to leave out the pronoun?

vIjaH Sangqar

Some might say that Sangqar is not a first-person subject - but If I'm the 
one speaking, it is, because it's me.  But this would sound extremely weird 
in Finnish (in which the subject pronoun is more frequently dropped than 
used, like Klingon), so I suspect the first is the better choice.

Of course, this would probably never be used in spoken Klingon, but perhaps 
the Bible Translation Project has come across this kind of counstruction 
(this kind of apposition is common in ancient documents, especially in a 
colophon, although I can't recall any examples from the Bible off the top of 
my head).

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