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KLBC: Re: Question about 'e'

>There is a third statement you've forgotten about: "The pronouns /'e'/ and
>/net/ are used only in special sentence constructions (see section 6.2.5)."
>Thus, Okrand DID say that /'e'/ and /net/ were exceptions, when he said
>they're only used in special constructions, and he references the Sentence
>As Object section.  We don't use /'e'/ or /net/ as "to be" pronouns, 
>they're only used as object sentence pronouns.

maj.  vIlIjpu'.  <<all pronouns (except 'e' and 'net', as previously 
mentioned)>> ghItlhpu' Okrand 'e' vIneH.  latlh "chapter"meyDaq mu'mey'e' 
rurbogh mu'meyvam ghItlh; lengwI'mey'e' ghItlhDI',  lengbe' <-Qo'> <-Ha'> je 
'e' nuSovmoH.

Unsure about some of the grammar here:  I used {-pu'} on the first {ghItlh} 
because I would have used a perfect in English; the action is complete at 
the time of the sentence.  In the other sentences, the action is no less 
complete, but it seemed awkward to continue stressing the completeness in 
that way.  (Of course, that could be an artifact of English; as I said, I 
would have used a perfect in English in the first case, but I would not have 
in the other two)

Also, I don't know if this is a valid use of the prefix trick: {'e'} is 
definitely a third-person object, but {'e'} is in a class by itself (well, a 
class with {net}, anyway).

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