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RE: 'e' vIneH

> chan "Texas" Dabbogh tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' lutu'lu''a'?
> ...I was unsure as
> to how {chan} is used, but I have it glossed as a noun, so I went for
> noun-noun.

It is used as a noun-noun, but you wrote "Texas of the area to the east"
instead of "Area to the east of Texas" /Texas chan/.

> Perhaps {"Texas" chan yoS} would work better.

The yoS isn't needed.  "area" is part of chan, 'ev, tIng

> Speaking of {chan}, do we know how to combine direction words, a la
> northwest, south southeast, etc.?  I have three direction words in my
> personal dictionary, but no idea how to combine them.

When combining, chan comes second in the noun-noun.
'ev chan
tIng chan

When combining tIng and 'ev it doesn't matter which order they are.
'ev tIng, tIng 'ev

You can even go further and say  /'ev chan 'ev/, or /'ev chan chan/, etc.

Also, 'evwIj "my area-northwestward" - northwest of me.
veng chanDaq jIwam "I hunt east of the city"

The article for this is in HolQeD Dec 99.

DloraH, BG

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