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Re: Question about 'e'

From: "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>
> TKD tells us that {'e'} and {net} are "used primarily...with verbs of
> thinking or observation....[t]hey are always treated as the object of the
> verb".
> It later tells us "all pronouns...can be used as verbs".
> These two statements seem to be at odds.  (I say this because Okrand
> say 'all personal pronouns' and he didn't say that {'e'} and {net} were
> exceptions.) Judging from usage on this list, the first one seems to take
> precedence (i.e., we never see things like {Doch QaQ 'e'}, with {'e'}
> as a verb the way the personal pronouns do).  Why is this?  Is there
> subsequent canon from Okrand?  Was it an arbitrary choice?

There is a third statement you've forgotten about: "The pronouns /'e'/ and
/net/ are used only in special sentence constructions (see section 6.2.5)."

Thus, Okrand DID say that /'e'/ and /net/ were exceptions, when he said
they're only used in special constructions, and he references the Sentence
As Object section.  We don't use /'e'/ or /net/ as "to be" pronouns, because
they're only used as object sentence pronouns.

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