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RE: 'e' vIneH

> > I have never heard Klingon spoken by another person...
> > ... something I may have figured out sooner had I any experience
> > hearing Klingon.
>Where do you live?

"Provo" vIDab.  "Utah"Daq 'oH vengvam'e'.  "Salt Lake City" (ngeng na' 
veng?) Sum.

'ach qaSpu' jar puS chaq "San Antonio" vIDabchoH.  wej vISov.  "San 
Antonio"Daq Qu' tu'lu'.  Qu'vamDaq Holmey nov lumughlu' 'ej lughItlhlu'.  
pavbe'DI' Qu', Holmey chu' lughojlu'.  Qu' vISuqchugh, qaSpa' "September" 
"Texas" vIDabchoH.  chaq qaSpu' "June".

"San Antonio"Daq nenchoHpu' SoSwI'.  Seyqu' jIjatlhDI': chaq "San Antonio" 

chan "Texas" Dabbogh tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' lutu'lu''a'?

I used {Qu'} for 'job' as it was the closest thing I could find (I think 
I've seen it used that way on this list before).  {pavbe'DI' Qu'} was the 
best I could do for 'during downtime/when not busy'.  Also, I was unsure as 
to how {chan} is used, but I have it glossed as a noun, so I went for 
noun-noun.  Perhaps {"Texas" chan yoS} would work better.

Speaking of {chan}, do we know how to combine direction words, a la 
northwest, south southeast, etc.?  I have three direction words in my 
personal dictionary, but no idea how to combine them.

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