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Question about 'e'

This was probably already covered before I joined the list, but the archives 
have no search function.

TKD tells us that {'e'} and {net} are "used primarily...with verbs of 
thinking or observation....[t]hey are always treated as the object of the 

It later tells us "all pronouns...can be used as verbs".

These two statements seem to be at odds.  (I say this because Okrand didn't 
say 'all personal pronouns' and he didn't say that {'e'} and {net} were 
exceptions.) Judging from usage on this list, the first one seems to take 
precedence (i.e., we never see things like {Doch QaQ 'e'}, with {'e'} acting 
as a verb the way the personal pronouns do).  Why is this?  Is there 
subsequent canon from Okrand?  Was it an arbitrary choice?

I just reread TKD, and now I've got all kinds of questions running around in 
my head.  I'm sure most of them were answered by later canon, but all I have 
access to are TKD, KGT, the last two issues of HolQeD (strike that; the 
September and December issues - I haven't received the March issue yet) and 
four back issues I bought some time ago.

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