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Re: KGT index

> When DloraH
> says "an index of every word," he means every single word of KGT!  (I 
> assume your computer produced the index from a text file of the entire
> book since even words like "is", "the", "and", were indexed?)

What words should have been excluded?  Sure "a" "and" "the", but where does one 
draw the line.  I left everything in.  The USER may do as they wish.

> Also, long lines were not wrapping when I printed the file out. I.e. 
> entries more than one line long were truncated off the right edge of the
> page.  Is that a function of your web file, or do I need to adjust the
> printer options at my end?

It's not really set up as a web file.  It is a plain 'ol ASCII text file, 
unformatted.  The user can drop it into the word processor of their choice and 
format the font and wrapping the way they want it to be.


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