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Re: Re: KGT index

ghItlh Voragh:
>DloraH wrote:
>>Ever since KGT came out, many people (including myself) have said "I wish
>>KGT had an index".  Now it does.  I have put together an index of every word
>Be forewarned: The file is 104 pages long when printed out!  When DloraH 
>says "an index of every word," he means every single word of KGT!  (I 
>assume your computer produced the index from a text file of the entire book 
>since even words like "is", "the", "and", were indexed?)

DloraH, batlh bIvang!  Dunqu' tetlhvetlh Dagherta'bogh!
I've saved it to disk, and I think I'll delete the less important words (such
as grammatical "helper" words in English.  You could also do stuff to it
in a word processor: change the font size, put it in two columns, etc., to
get the printed size down.

But a marvelous tool, in any case!

-- ter'eS

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