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Re: KGT index

DloraH wrote:

>Ever since KGT came out, many people (including myself) have said "I wish
>KGT had an index".  Now it does.  I have put together an index of every word

Be forewarned: The file is 104 pages long when printed out!  When DloraH 
says "an index of every word," he means every single word of KGT!  (I 
assume your computer produced the index from a text file of the entire book 
since even words like "is", "the", "and", were indexed?)

>      This index does NOT include the dictionary portion of KGT. Because
>this index is basicly useless without KGT, I see no problems with the
>copyright, so this index is available to everyone.
>If a word was misspelled in KGT, it is misspelled in the index.

Also, long lines were not wrapping when I printed the file out. I.e. 
entries more than one line long were truncated off the right edge of the 
page.  Is that a function of your web file, or do I need to adjust the 
printer options at my end?

These are just minor quibbles, however.  MANY thanks for doing this much 
needed task or, as Glen Proechel used to say, 'uy'logh qatlho'!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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